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During the process of formulation of the spice combinations to create the seasonings offered here, I gave a lot of them to a lot of my friends. They were instructed to use them in creative ways and give me feedback as to how they used them and what the result was. Here are a few of the responses we have received. If you would like to add to the list, e-mail me about your experience.

I have used a lot of different seasonings I thought were good, but Dr. Douglas' seasonings eclipse any I have ever used.  Terry D. - Dallas, Tx.

I am a collector of recipes, and not only like to read them, but like to try them.  Every recipe I have tried has been great. Melody R. - McKinney, Tx.

The recipes I have used are great but I would have bought it almost without any recipes so I could get the poetry.  I have laughed, almost cried and have been encouraged with reading them.  Greg L. - Emory, Tx.

 I received Dr. Douglas recipe book as a gift, (even though my friend knows I don't cook much).  I guess he wanted me to learn how to cook.  I still haven't  begun to cook, but I love the poetry. Joyce T. - Atlanta, Ga.