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It has always aggravated me that when I prepared biscuits for breakfast, I had to make a quick decision as to how many I wanted to have with gravy and how many to butter for eating later with jelly.

I quickly learned that if I delayed too long, they were all gravy biscuits because they got cold so fast.  In 1980, having grown tired this situation, I decided to do something about it and invented the “Texas Biscuit Baker.”

The success of the product in stores throughout Texas led to a line of baking products that are still in demand today.

When the Marketing Representative said the products needed recipes to go along with them I began to create recipes designed to the particular products and got interested in cooking.  To complement the recipes I started formulating combinations of spices and this developed into the spices to be found here today.

Soon I was expanding my interests to cooking all sorts of foods and creating variations on old and familiar recipes.   Many are to be found in the recipe book now available.

You will enjoy each recipe as well as laugh, cry, and be challenged by the stories and poetry.


In January 1995, after a successful Wonder Baker show on QVC, I caught a flight back to Dallas that included a two hour stopover in Atlanta.  I was moving to a new place the next week and was preparing a list of things which needed to be done in preparation for the move.

As I made a note to myself to make telephone and electrical changes and to forward my mail, there came to mind an event of the previous week. Each year, Southern Methodist University in Dallas, presents the Tate Lecture Series, featuring individuals from various disciplines.  My son, Byron, and I had attended one prior to my departure to Philadelphia, A lecture by the noted English Physicist, Stephen Hawkin.

Confined to a motorized wheelchair and speaking though a voice synthesizer, he began his presentation and ten minutes later, as he was making his summation, I looked at my watch to discover an hour and ten minutes had elapsed.

To say I was mesmerized by the lecture is to under-speak.  Though much of what he said was beyond my level of understanding, I was able to comprehend enough to set my mind to reeling, and many of his words remain in my consciousness today.

The one that is most memorable was when he said that he was “continuing to search for a unified theory of the universe, the information that would tie all of our understanding together into a cohesive reality and explain everything.”

As I was looking at the yellow tablet on the tray table, I decided to provide him with that bit of information and turning to a new page began to write.

During the flight I wrote eleven verses of what I came to refer to as “ONE”.   Maybe not an appropriate title, but it has served me well during the years I have worked on it.  Those eleven verses have remained almost without revision through the years though I have added 176 verses.  I consider that I am about two-thirds of the way to the conclusion.

It has not been a constant writing project.  Some times it has been a year or more between adding to the content, but it has been challenging.

It has been the same way with the other poems which have appeared in my mind without being invited.  I have been working on legal documents, making drawings of new products, or planning a trip only to be interrupted by words flowing through my mind which caused me to lay the task at hand aside and begin putting the words to paper or into the computer.

Some of the poetry is based on experiences in my life, others based on stories I heard from my grandmother and some just plain made up. Some will make you laugh, others will challenge you, while others may bring a bit of mist to your eye, and many will surprise you at the end.