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A few years ago I undertook a journey into movie-making. I have a whole lot of video equipment and having created Video Training Tapes for two major international companies; all of which incorporated humor, I thought, “Why not?”

It took a lot of money, time, dedication and effort, but after about four years I had the movie filmed, edited and ready for a disruption companies to beat a path to my door.  "Not so!"

In spite of all the talk about the need for family films, distribution companies are mostly looking for slasher-basher-trasher videos they can peddle to the foreign markets.

But you now have the opportunity have the Collectors Edition of “Roy and the Rev,” a romantic-comedy that will thrill and delight the whole family.

When caught with drug making equipment, a young, con-man is bailed out by a business woman with a plan to use him to gain ownership to some property in a small town.  She will keep him out of prison if he will masquerade as a preacher at a small church and see to it that the small congregation does not grow.  So, with the choice being to "take the pulpit or go to prison,” he senses an opportunity to get out of town and resume his new career and chooses the pulpit.

Soon after arriving in the small town he witnesses the drug death of a young girl in town, and the event changes his life.

When he volunteers to help coach a ragtag group of boys on a baseball team and then has to assume the coaching job when the coach has a heart-attack, he cons a local former baseball player into assisting him in the project.

Things become complicated when one of the arresting officers discovers him.  With the assistance of the first coach's' wife, sets up a drug raid on the trailer where he is living.

Between practice and games he becomes enamored with one of the players mom, dodges the advances of an amorous lady in the church, fends off the former coach’s angry wife, and decides to thwart the plot of the lady who wants the church property to develop as condo’s.

“Roy n’ the Rev” combines a love story without love scenes; suspense without violence; communication without profanity;humor, poignancy and a surprise ending in a story/character-driven family film that will appeal to every age and sex.


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