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In the beginning, there were only two tastes - Bland and Bitter.   
Soon mankind learned that even though it was not necessarily good, Bitter beat out BLAND every time, so man ate many Bitter meals. 

One night after man discovered that fire could extend the day and also keep his family warm, one family was sitting around the fire for light and warmth, eating some raw Riskotarious when a wild hog, being chased by some creature that wanted to dine on it, came crashing into camp into a tree and fell dead into the fire.  As the family watched, feeling bad that it was going to waste being burned to ashes, the eldest reached into the fire and tried to pull it out so they could eat it.  Some of the meat came off and burned his hands.  He quickly put his fingers in his mouth to cool them and learned that cooked pork tasted much better than raw pork and thus was born cooking.  Any recipe since that time which contains pork  is simply a variation on that original recipe. 

After a time plain cooked pig began to taste bland again.  As accidental recipes are sometime prone to taste better than planned recipes, a gust of wind one day blew some dried sage across the meat as it cooked on the open fire and "behold" the bland pork tasted better, and the world of spices was born.

Today there are 64 major spices to be chosen from and endless mixtures exist to add a different flavor to every dish.  Ours just happen to be the best.