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Lee has been involved in the design, manufacture and marketing of cooking products since he created the “Texas Biscuit Baker” in 1980 purely as a lark.  When it was successful beyond imagination, he created a continuing line of products, “Dr. Douglas’ Wonder Bakers,” that were highly successful via multiple venues of marketing, including one of the national shopping channels, selling over 750,000 pieces.

When they requested he develop a line of spices, he agreed and formulated Texas, Cajun, and Greek, with Texas being the only truly unique spice.   Since he formulated these in his own kitchen, he only had the natural products available to him from local health food stores.  These were also successful.

There are many naturally occurring products that are used as anti-caking agents and approved by the FDA for including in food products.  For example, they are used in many expensive table salts, but there are no such products included in any of our seasonings.

Our products are produced and packaged by a national company that has been importing, combining and marketing spices for over 130 years and is well known and highly respected within the industry.

Each seasoning is formulated from special combinations of the following ingredients:

Aleppo & Ancho peppers; Allspice; black & white pepper; white & brown sugar; cayenne, Arbol, & chipotle peppers; celery seed; cilantro; cinnamon; citric powder; coriander; cumin; dill weed; epizote; fennel; garlic powder; ginger; granulated garlic & onion; dried green chilies, lemon peel & orange peel; lime juice powder; marjoram; Mexican oregano; mustard seed; nutmeg; paprika; red & green bell peppers; sage; salt; thyme; tomato & turmeric powders and yellow mustard.