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NinaMagellan charted the first circumnavigation of the globe in search of the fabled Spice Islands and their cloves.  Vasco de Gama sailed the dangerous waters around Africa to India in his quest for spices.  Columbus sought a shorter route to India for gold and pepper but found the New World.  By the time these explorers set sail, the aromas of these savory, seductive seeds, powders and leaves had been tempting the palates and imaginations of European peoples for centuries.

There is a centuries-old desire for spice in food, in medicine, in magic, in religion, and in sex--and the allure of forbidden fruit in the scents of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, mace, and clove. Exotic spices such as nutmeg, mace and cloves were treasured in the kitchens and apothocaries  of 16th and 17th century Europe.  Nutmeg was even believed by many to be a preventative against the plague.  Small wonder, then, that traders of the time ventured to the ends of the earth to secure it.

The demand for salt led to the creation of major world trade routes.   It was a factor in both the Revolutionary War and Civil War.  Revenues from its sale have been used to finance works as diverse as the Erie Canal and the Great Wall of China.  Medically, it's helped to preserve and sustain life.

As we follow spices back through time, history, myth, archaeology, and literature; spices in all their diversity have tempted humans to seek ever more of them to use as aphrodisiacs and as defenses against ilnesses.
Spices have and are still used in rituals to dispel demons and summon gods.  Spices have been used as a luxury for a medieval king's ego, as a deodorant for mummies,and as the last word in haute cuisine.  Spices have acted as a magnet to draw people to the deserts of ancient Syria, to far-off and exotic islands and  to the Internet.

Today there are so many various combinations of spices it would be impossible to number them and they continue to grow at a rapid rate.   Throughout history, spices have made for strange bedfellows between religions and customs, kingdoms and democracies, the wise and the uneducated, and the peasant and the rich.

Multiple books are on the market today that give difinative narratives of spices and their impact on the history of mankind and are an easy and enjoyable read. Our spices are a special combination of types and amounts of spices that have been around for time immemorial, but our combinations and quantities are unique in their formulations and the flavors they impart to your meals.